About Teddy’s Burger Joint

Teddy’s Burger Joint’s founders created Teddy’s to offer a unique dining experience that appeals to people that have a love for burgers, local beer, their community, family and fun.  Teddy’s was named after Teddy Moran, a true Indianapolis legend that loved backyard cookouts, drinking beer and spending time with family.

We truly do believe in burgers and happiness and because of that, have focused a lot of energy on creating an atmosphere that is conducive to all types of people.  The owners of Teddy’s Burger Joint grew up in Indiana and wanted to introduce a new type of burger joint to the Indianapolis area, (their local community); a place where families could come, enjoy local beer, insane burgers, healthy options, live music and even a place for their kids to play.  We have an avid love for outdoors, hiking, rock climbing, camping and wanted to bring that into the restaurant by creating an atmosphere like nothing else.

Believe it or not, most of the creations at Teddy’s were invented by friends and family.  After the ideas for each item were generated, an experienced chef was hired to help create the Teddy’s burgers that you know today.  Each burger is hand crafted, grilled over an open flame and topped with top of the line, fresh ingredients.   It is the passion of TBJ to make sure that the food our customers eat is the highest quality possible, and at the same time, we use local companies to help support the local economy.

With occasional live acoustic music inside and out, a large patio, an outdoor sandpit and a circular indoor fireplace, Teddy’s is a sure choice for an unforgettable experience whether you have children or not.

The company’s success will be directly linked to great customer service, generous portions of quality food, affordable pricing and an ability to create an atmosphere that is enjoyable, relaxing, clean and ultimately unforgettable.

The food at TBJ includes the best quality angus beef burgers, bison, chicken breasts, white and wheat buns, gourmet salads, turkey burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, french fries and more.  The kid’s menu also includes many items such as peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, and many more kid’s favorites.

At Teddy’s Burger Joint, we are here to create sensational burgers and help each of our customers smile as they walk out our doors.  Being a Teddy’s customer doesn’t simply give you a place to go eat…it gives a place to which you can belong.

Come to Teddy’s Burger Joint today and feel the feeling of happiness when you sink your teeth into one of our signature, fresh, juicy, delicious, thick, mind-blowing, messy, fulfilling, hand-crafted, perfectly seasoned burgers.  Start believing in Burgers and Happiness today. 

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