The Market

Burgers have always been a staple with American consumers, and they continue to grow in popularity. According to a recent industry report by Technomic, “Burgers are one of the hottest trends on today’s dining scene.” The survey demonstrated that 91% of consumers said they eat a burger at least once a month, and 44% said they eat a burger at least once a week.

Burgers have been described as the “blue jeans of comfort food,” a constant staple that crosses all socio-economic lines. “American consumers take their burgers seriously. It may be one area of food service where they are less willing to cut back, despite the current economic environment,” says Darren Tristano, executive vice president at Technomic. “They expect to pay more for a higher-quality, better burger and are willing to do so because the value proposition is heightened.” Burgers sales are a $100 billion a year business in the US, with 70 percent of the market controlled by the big four franchises, leaving $30 billion available for smaller burger chains.

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